At Southside, we love people where they are. Our staff is like none other. Serving in a transitional community, changing everyday, our staff and our church put every effort into making sure as many of those changes as possible are for Christ. Our leadership have a sincere heart for serving and a genuine call to ministry. If there is anything our staff can do for you reach out and we will get back with you soon.


Our goals in Pastoral Counseling are to guide and help individuals discover Christ-centered answers to a wide range of personal, relational, financial or other challenges. We have experience and trained pastors who facilitate a free service for individuals seeking guidance for a variety of issues including marital and family relationships, communication and intimacy, parenting, grief and loss, anger and bitterness, inner personal struggles, and spiritual discouragement.

If you are someone who could benefit from counseling, you're not alone! If you would like to schedule an appointment or just have some questions answered, please reach out.

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