The goal of our youth department is to build leaders in the community by preparing young adults with the authority of the Word of God so that they can go out and be the difference in their community, their family, and their peers. We strive to give them the confidence and knowledge they need to be positive examples, in both faith and action, to the world around them. (1 Timothy 4:12)

Our Youth Ministry is for grades 7-12

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Go! This is Jesus’ final command to believers before resuming his rightful place in Heaven. It should be the focus of all believers to GO and make disciples of all nations. What better opportunity is there than in our colleges, universities, and workplaces. Our College and Career ministry strives to spread the Gospel of Jesus through leadership in our classrooms and workplaces, as well as through service to our community. We want to make disciples! (Matthew 28:18)

Our College Ministry is for ages 18-30


Our adult ministry is rooted in our mission: To serve in our world as Christ served in His. And how did Christ serve in His world? He drew men to Himself, built them up in their faith, finally sending them out into the world to be His ambassadors. Spiritual growth is a life-long pursuit. Whether you find yourself early in life or a seasoned believer with white hair, God desires for us to know Him and glorify His Son. How do we glorify Christ? Christ centered service. Seeking the lost and bringing them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (John 15). We want to be fishers of men.

Our Adult Ministry has a variety of classes that range in age from 18-80+