What is Summer Enrichment?

• A 4-week, academically-focused, enrichment program for 1st - 6th grade students.

• Subjects covered will include Reading, Math, & English. There will be opportunities for recreation. Student will also be introduced to various vocational-technical Skills.

Our vision

• Help children for the next grade by ensuring they are equipped with the proper foundational skills.

• We want to tap into the “pH factor” of our children…

Purpose & Hope

 God has a purpose for our children’s lives—in this phase of life, it involves their educational experience.

• Children need to be able to experience and dream about the possibilities of what God has in store for them. This helps to instill hope for a great future.

Fridays are “Discovery Days”

Each Friday, students will also be offered the opportunity to discover different disciplines and careers in a safe, encouraging environments. This will be accomplished through:

• Field Trips

• Career Exploration Activities

The Details

When is it happening?

June 12th - July 7th

What time will it happen?

8:30am - 2:00pm

What does it cost?:

$20 per child (That’s $1 a day!!!)

Who can attend?

1st - 6th grade students (by previous school year)

Will food be served?

Breakfast & Lunch will be served

How do I register?